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Breaking news can happen overnight, so you should do your best to get involved and stay updated when it comes to local and national news! Being cognizant of news and events that are occurring in the U.S. can help you succeed at your job or in other areas of your life, such as being a mother/father, husband/wife, or a friend.  We love news, and keeping you well-informed on topics that can immensely affect you and your family members.  You may find more value in some news topics than in others; for example, national news on education, health care, insurance, and pet care, are top priorities for many people in the United States.  These important topics inspired us to design this website! Check out and follow us to receive daily insights that will help you stay connected with what is happening in your local area or across the nation (for example: breaking news in Washington D.C., NYC, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc.), which you won’t want to miss.  Our inspiration for this website came from reading many newspapers, articles, books, and studying communication and journalism in college.  We hope that you follow our site to get daily news updates.

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