How to Prepare Landscaping for Winter

Guarding your lawn from harsh winter weather is essential when you install the dscaping.

These are more substantial jobs but there are plenty of tasks you can tackle yourself when looking at how to prepare your landscaping to be ready for winter. There are some practical things you can do at home to make your landscape ready:

1. Pruning the trees and shrubs Prune away sick or dead limbs of the trees and shrubs as as any crossing branches. Pruning any hedges and evergreens in order to make them more shaped. 2. Make sure the bed is clean: Remove any debris from the landscape beds, including dead leaves, branches, weeds, and other debris. 3. Protect container plants with cover planters. For protection of your plants from harsh weather, place them in a protected spot. 4. Fertilize lawn: Apply an winterizing fertilizer on your lawn in order to encourage healthy growth during the spring. 5. Spread mulch: Spread 3/4 ” up to one” of mulch over shrubs as well as trees to help insulate the soil as well as protect the plants from frost heave. 6. Water features should be protected Inspect and drain any ponds, ponds, or water features to avoid being completely frozen. Take hoses off and store them until winter arrives. 7. Repair pathways: Repair or replace cracked or broken walkways or steps prior to the winter months set in.

When you need to do larger scale projects it is possible hiring professionals even if these aren’t the most crucial assignments. Below are a few points to keep in mind.


You’ll want to rely on a landscaping company to maintain your lawn once they help to prepare your lawn for winter.

Landscaping services can help in winter. Snow plowing services and ice management are offered by landscaping companies to help keep sidewalks and driveways safe during winter.


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