Pain Relief Strategies More Empowering Than a List of Anti Inflammatory Drugs

Here are some great tips to help ease your tension.

Take a moment to sit down, or take a seat in a comfy location.

Take any tension off your muscles and let them relax.

Inhale deeply for about four seconds. Also exhale at the same speed.

Breathe in deeply through your nose. count to four

Now, you will need to keep your breathing for a few seconds.

Breath out, but this is the time to use your mouth for a few seconds

Take a moment to hold for a few seconds

It will be apparent a gradual disappearance of the discomfort as you go on with the process for five minutes.

The most effective method to lessen discomfort is through oxygen therapy. The treatment is successful in treating severe conditions like asthma, pneumonia and even decompression sickness. The treatment has been quickly adopted as a pain relief option.

We will look at two forms of oxygen therapy such as regular oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen.

Regular oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy involves the process in which oxygen is released through an air mask, nose prongs or even a breathing tube. The therapy is successful in dealing with cluster headaches.

Therapy with hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT)

The use of pressurized tubes or rooms in order to increase atmospheric pressure and increase the consumption of oxygen is termed as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Although the therapy treats the symptoms of decompression sickness as well as carbon monoxide poisoning, it can be useful in dealing with pain related to conditions such as fibromyalgia, as stated by the National Library of Medicine.

7. Find out when you should seek assistance from other people

In the event of pain, you may not know when is the right time to seek help from other people. You may also be confused as to whether you should push through pain or seek out immediate medical attention.


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