Bird Watchers Flock to Presque Isle

bird watching

Presque Isle is supposed to be ideal place for birds’ watchers. This weekend’s annual Festival of Birds presents Presque Isle as the top-notch place for watching the different species of birds.  Watchers said in an interview to a private news agency that “more than 320 species of birds visit Presque Isle and this is the prime time to spot them”. They further said that many birds consider Presque Isle perfect place for rest before flying over the Lake Erie.

Apart from this, bird watcher Jamie Hill said in an interview that “It is really awesome, we are going to see 150 species of birds today and this is one the best bird spotting places in the entire Northeastern United States”.

Last but not the least due to social media, the popularity of Presque Isle is speedily growing and most of the people visit this place for watching the different species of birds.

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