Students Rally to Keep Arts Program Alive

school arts program

They wanted arts and culture to remain alive. The young students of McDowell Intermediate High School expressed their feelings for art through duets and songs. This demonstration took place outside of the little theatre of the school. Besides, Junior Luke Weyand said that “this is supposed to be impressive arts programs in Northwestern Pennsylvania and I loathe seeing our future kids losing this opportunity”.

On the other hand, it is being speculated that after the retirement of Director of the McDowell Center of Performing Arts Michael Malthaner the school authorities will eliminate this job from the school. Apart from this, those students who are studying CPA program say that “this is really close to our hearts and we do not consider it as an extra-curricular activity”.

Furthermore, Joseph Parmanter the former student of CPA program said that “I had a great experience in this program and it should not be eliminated from the school”.

Lastly, a group of students said that they will discuss the matter with school authorities in the next board meeting scheduled on Monday.

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